College Move-In Tips

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College move-in day can be both exciting and stressful. The reality of packing up your life and moving away from everything you’ve known and loved can be scary. Then as the anxiety starts to fade, it’s replaced by a feeling of excitement, and you soon realize that there’s a lot to do to prepare for your big move into the dorms.

Let The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® pack and ship your belongings so you can focus on more important things, like your class schedule and dorm room decorations.

Follow these helpful tips to make moving to college the easiest thing you’ll do all year.

1. Bring a moving cart
Most residence halls will provide students with big rolling bins for move-in, but they are not abundant. Have a backup plan in case you aren’t fortunate enough to snag one.

2. Arrive early
Figure out when your residence hall opens, and plan on arriving close to that time.

3. Pack your bedding last so you can unload it first
Make your bed first. That way, you avoid having your bedding on the floor and you can use the bed as extra surface space as you unpack.

4. Hang your clothes
Save yourself the time and effort by packing your clothes on hangers so you don’t waste your day hanging them up.

5. Label and number all boxes and bins
This way, you know exactly what is inside and if you’re missing anything.

6. Bring a cooler
Moving is going to take a lot of time and energy. Stock a cooler with water and snacks so you don’t go from hungry to “hangry.”

7. Tape storage drawers shut
Make sure drawers are taped shut so they don’t slide out, spilling your things all over campus.

8. Bring a toolkit
Have a hammer and screwdriver on hand. You never know if you’re going to have to raise the bed.

9. Pack cleaning supplies on top
Along with your bedding, pack cleaning supplies where you can easily get to them. You’ll want to wipe down the desk and other surfaces before moving your stuff in.

10. Take advantage of in-store pick-up
Many stores offer a service to pick up online orders on college move-in day, which is helpful if you are going far away for school. Check out stores close to campus and order your dorm necessities ahead of time for easy pick-up.

11. Bring a handheld vacuum
Before and after you move everything in, there is bound to be a mess. Bring a small vacuum for easy cleanup.

For more tips on packing and moving your valuables, let The UPS Store help give you peace of mind during college move-in season.

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