Discovering Unicorn Food in Orange County

Have you spotted a unicorn in Orange County yet? Unicorn food is a fast-growing culinary phenomenon that takes many forms but is defined by its vibrant, rainbow-colored appearance. Much like the namesake mythical creature that inspired it, unicorn food is harder to find than you might think—hidden on secret menus, available only at certain times, and often quickly sold out. Consider this your guide to hunting down the best unicorn foods in town.

Crème and Sugar (pictured above)

For those who enjoy photographing their food as much as they do eating it, the festive, eye-catching unicorn options at this Anaheim bakery are worth the visit. Mason jars filled to the brim with purple, cotton candy–flavored milkshakes and gigantic mugs overflowing with pink hot cocoa are both topped with candy-coated clouds of whipped cream. Order these off the “secret unicorn menu,” handily posted for all to see behind the counter, and then grab a piece of unicorn bark (white chocolate pieces slathered with sweets and marshmallows) to munch on while you wait. 6312 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road, Anaheim. 1-714-941-9059;

B. Candy 

B. Candy in Corona del Mar is like a Candy Land board game brought to life. As the scent of baked treats wafts through the air, a variety of candies, chocolates, and ice creams seem to beckon from every corner. At the counter: Frosted sugar cookies decorated as unicorn heads are so popular that they’re often sold out by midday. The rainbow minicake is a multicolored cake surrounded by a thick layer of sprinkle-encrusted frosting so rich in flavor it’s best shared with a fellow unicorn fan. Locations in Corona del Mar and Huntington Beach.

Bagels and Brew

The selection of bagel flavors is vast, but it’s hard to notice anything else when the artful unicorn bagels are on display Thursday through Sunday. How can you ignore a bagel with a multitude of playful colors layered and swirled throughout? Though the flavor is akin to a plain bagel, once it’s topped with festive birthday cake cream cheese, you’ll learn it’s indeed possible to have breakfast and dessert happily in unison. Locations in Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, and Mission Viejo.


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