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When you need to file an insurance claim, the last thing you want to do is wait, explain repeatedly, or worry whether the person assisting you is handling the claim properly. Our claims center was established with one single objective: to provide service that exceeds our members’ expectations.


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Auto Insurance Claim

We are always with you, day or night, to make the necessary arrangements for getting you back on the road following an accident:

What to expect when filing an auto claim

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Being prepared is key when the unexpected occurs. Knowing the proper steps to take after an accident will assist in the claims process.

  1. Contact emergency services and the police department to obtain medical assistance for anyone injured.
  2. Take reasonable measures to make sure your vehicle is in a safe location.
  3. Write down the license plate number of all involved vehicles.
  4. Exchange information with all drivers involved in the collision. Get contact information from all passengers and witnesses.
  5. Take photos of the scene, including all damaged vehicles involved.
  6. Sketch the accident (layout of the roadway, placement of vehicles, and how it happened: side impact, front impact, etc.)
  7. Discuss the accident with police only, not others involved in the accident.
  8. Call 1-866-222-2378 to report your claim (a Claims Service Representative will contact you promptly to guide you through the claims process).

Here are the key steps in handling your claim from start to finish:

  1. Gathering the facts of the accident to determine responsibility
  2. Explain coverage and benefits of your policy
  3. Arranging repairs and a rental car if your policy affords coverage
  4. Coordinate a tow to your shop preference if your vehicle is not drivable

Your Claims Service Representative will be with you throughout the entire Claims Process to alleviate any fears and answer any questions you may have.

Here are some things you should know in the event your vehicle is declared a total loss:

  • A detailed valuation report will be generated for your vehicle. The valuation will be based on the fair market value for comparable vehicles for sale in your respective market area. Your vehicle’s special options, trim, mileage, and interior/exterior conditions may be taken into consideration
  • If your car is financed, we will need the contact information for your lien holder including the account number so that we can obtain a payoff amount
  • Be sure to obtain the most recent maintenance receipts; in rare circumstances your adjuster may request these to complete the total loss evaluation
  • AAA offers a car purchasing program that can assist you with locating a replacement vehicle following an accident
  1. AAA appraiser or shop completes appraisal/estimate
  2. Vehicle disassembled as necessary to identify all damage
  3. Appraisal/estimate finalized
  4. Parts ordered
  5. After parts received, body and mechanical repairs completed
  6. Vehicle prepped, primed, and painted
  7. Vehicle reassembled
  8. Vehicle receives light detailing
  9. Vehicle undergoes quality assurance check
  10. Vehicle test driven as needed
  11. Status updates provided throughout the repair
  12. Vehicle pickup scheduled

Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship for members who choose to have their vehicles repaired through our AAA Member Preferred Repairs Program.

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Member Testimonials

I don’t feel any other insurance company would have taken the personal care that AAA has
“That night, there was a 100-foot wall of flame across the street, and we had ten minutes to get out of the house. When you lose everything, you don’t realize how desperate you are. And to have somebody take care of you and give you a hug and tell you you’re with the best company; AAA… is amazing. Our AAA adjuster is like family. He’s never ever made us feel like a business transaction. It’s been about friends helping friends. I don’t feel any other insurance company would have taken the personal care that AAA has.”

David R.

Home Insurance Claim

While every claim is unique, we provide the following information to help you with your property claim:

  1. If you have a loss, please notify AAA Claims promptly at 1-866-222-2378 to report your claim
  2. Take reasonable measures to protect your property from further damage
  3. Keep a record of any temporary repair costs; this may include original invoices and photographs
  4. File a police report if your loss is caused by theft; notify banks and credit card companies about any missing debit or credit cards
  5. If you are presented with a claim by another party for damages resulting from an occurrence, do not commit to any payments, obligations, or expenses outside of emergency first aid
    • If someone files a claim against you, we will complete an investigation on your behalf to determine if you are legally liable for the damages claimed
  6. A Claims Service Representative will contact you promptly to discuss and review specific policy coverage information with you
  7. If you are making claim for damages to your home, you may also ask to be referred to a qualified contractor that participates in our vendor program

The following outlines what to expect when filing a property claim:

  • Your claim will be assigned to an adjuster, in most cases immediately. The assigned claims adjuster will contact you to discuss your loss, review policy coverage as it specifically relates to your loss, and answer any questions you may have.
  • The adjuster will begin their investigation and if necessary, set up an inspection and evaluate the damage. In some circumstances, such as a personal property loss, the adjuster will request that you provide a detailed inventory of your loss.
  • If coverage applies, the claims adjuster will coordinate settlement of the claim.

How do I take a home inventory and why?

Would you be able to remember all the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years if they were destroyed by a fire? Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster, verify losses for your income tax return, and help you purchase the correct amount of insurance.


Accident Assist

Accident Assist

At the scene of the accident, AAA Accident Assist:
Sends a AAA Roadside Assistance Service Provider vehicle to tow your vehicle to a Member Preferred Repairs shop, or the repair shop of your choice At your request, contacts family members on your behalf

Immediately after the accident, AAA Accident Assist:
Arranges a rental vehicle for those with rental coverage and completes your claim notice at your convenience.

Now AAA-insured members receive accident assistance services with just one call from your accident scene: 1-866-222-2378



What to do in case of an accident

What to do in case of an accident

The unthinkable has happened and you are involved in an auto accident. So what do you do now? Despite the temptation, venting your emotions, (e.g., “freaking out”) is not recommended. This is a time to keep a cool head so you can limit or prevent any additional injuries or property damage. Stay calm and carefully exchange information to allow you to meet your legal obligations while preserving your legal rights and options.

We will keep our recommendations to the point so you will have something to put in your glove box to use in the event of an accident.



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