Senior Programs

Seniors can help prolong their driving years by attending educational classes, learning how to sharpen their reflexes, and learning how to make adjustments to their cars in order to obtain a more comfortable fit. To help maturing drivers, AAA Alabama offers numerous traffic safety and educational programs such as:

These programs are available at your local branch or online and many are free to members and non-members alike.

Senior driver with membership card


AAA Drivesharp

AAA Drivesharp

Wish you could react quicker, think faster, focus better, and reduce your crash risk while driving on the road, or that you were more aware of other vehicles, street signs, and road conditions?

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has partnered with Posit Science®, the leading provider of clinically proven brain fitness programs, to bring you Drivesharp™, a brain fitness training program designed to help older adults see more of their surroundings, react faster, and reduce their risk of an at-fault accident.


Mature Driver—I Drive Safely

Mature Driver

To help maturing drivers tune up their driving skills and refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road, AAA offers mature driver improvement instruction.

  • The course is available online 24/7
  • Students work at their own pace, with no time limits
  • Live customer service handles questions and concerns
  • Drivers 55 and older receive a DMV certificate on course completion that may qualify them for insurance discounts
  • Renewal courses are also offered
  • AAA members save 20 percent


Auto insurance discounts for mature drivers

Auto insurance discounts for mature drivers

Drivers age 55 or over who successfully complete a Mature Driver Improvement Course approved by the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles during the past three years may save up to 10 percent.1




CarFit—Smart Features for Mature Drivers

This educational program offers adults age 55 and older the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them. Technicians guide participants through a 12-point checklist to correctly adjust mirror positions, the distance between chest and steering wheel, and other vehicle features.

CarFit also provides information on community-specific resources to help enhance your safety as a driver and increase your mobility in the community. There is no charge to attend the event, but registration is required.

Call to register for a CarFit event: Visit to learn more or to see if there is an event in your area.

AAA Senior Driving

AAA Senior Driving

AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. We also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently. Visit National AAA Senior Driving to discover even more resources that help seniors drive safer and longer.



AAA Senior Driving

Safe Drive For The Mature Operator

A safe driving course conducted by AAA Alabama will allow Alabama drivers age 55 and older to sharpen their driving safety skills and save money on their current auto insurance.  This is a great opportunity for mature drivers to refresh some of their driving knowledge and learn some terrific defensive driving techniques.  Typical insurance discounts range between five and ten percent and the certification is valid for three years.

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1Certain restrictions apply; Discount amounts are approximate and will vary by policy; Acceptable documentation/certification may be required before discount(s) can be applied. Insurance provided to qualified AAA members by Automobile Club Interinsurance Exchange or Auto Club Family Insurance Company.